Mobile Will Hill on the go

William Hill is the Britain’s largest betting operator having over 2,350 shops with 25% of market share. But if you wish to stay profitable you need to innovate and mobile Will Hill applications are becoming more and more common. The director of William Hill’s mobile department said his company has invested in mobile for more than 10 years.

 iPhone paved the road for mobile Will Hill gambling

Initially the technology was very limited. And it took six years before Will Hill could begin to really enable mobile bets on the move, and it is all thanks to Apple’s devices. In 2007 the iPhone was introduced which changed ecosystems and the technology.

Having mobile departments in three offices in Tel Aviv, Gibraltar and London this company started to work on creating William Hill mobile sportsbook and adjusting features from the desktop website for small displays, prior to looking to make the mobile applications.

At early stages the company had become familiar with those. Google, Apple, BlackBerry – there is much complexity around the various options. It is not easy to keep up with the high speed of the mobile industry, because more and more new devices are made and more display sizes have to be adapted to.

William Hill can boast 600,000 application downloads on Apple devices alone, and 30 per cent of its profit comes from the mobile.

For example, during the Grand National, about 2,500 bets are made every minute on mobile. This fact has offered a way for William Hill to get new users who do not have an opportunity to visit the high street betting-shops.

William Hill UK mobile opened a lot of new ways of communicating with the company’s customers, for example push notifications or short messages.

The leader in mobile betting

But the company admit that with the opportunities came responsibility and big pressure to be up to date. That challenge is keeping the company up to date with the constantly changing mobile devices industry.

William Hill is trying to combat this through investments. The company’s three developing teams are constantly searching for new ways to update their game, for example they have recently introduced in-game betting. This feature allows customers to bet during a race or match as odds change. The company’s managers are confident that they are the leaders in mobile betting industry.

Will Hill are constantly reviewing the features they have on desktops, such as payment options or streaming and push them onto mobile.

In addition to mobile move, there are more innovations from the operator, for example, location based services and mobile payment options such as the NFC (abb. near field communication). And that means it is not only about using William Hill on your mobile devices, but it is using your mobile devices in the retail and desktop environment.

It is time when companies need to create mobile apps for any time, for any place, and Will Hill are able to make a new customer base.