Mobile betting offers for the 2014 World Cup

Of course, you have noticed that television advertisements, BBQ food and different sorts of beer is rising dramatically and this means only onething:that the 2014 World Cup has already started. But this year you can feel something new in the air.

This time there aren’t many huge expectations that England may do well in the World Cup. Perhaps this can lower the pressure on the footballers and will allow them to play better. But let us study mobile betting offers of the major sites. They definitely do not think England may go far and most of the offering odds account for 30/1 that the team may win.

But if you are looking for mobile betting offers on the World Cup,

what do you have to know?

Ok, first of all, if you believe that England national team will go all the way try to study mobile sports betting with Here, new customers are given mobile betting offers with odds of 100/1 on Hodgson’s men to become the winners of this competition, and with the maximum bet of £10 you will get a cool sum £1,000. It is a great novelty and is best bet mobiles, but Paddypower have also something to offer for their existing customers. If they bet £10 on the winner, then they will score themselves a mobile gambling free bonus £5 for the opening game.

Of course, it is safer to bet on the host team, Brazil. The betting site provides money back mobile betting offers for both existing and new customers. If you place at least £5 again on the winner market, and if Brazilians go onto win the competition, then the site promises refund your bet up to £25. betting site have them as the evident favourites at 3/1 and this appears a very good offer and looks a lot more likely to be paid than the English!

If you prefer betting on the best goal scorer and decide to do it now, then we recommend you to study the mobile betting offers of . In this case you have to place your bet ahead the 12th of June when this offer is ended, but Ladbrokes is ready to offer money you placed on the winning national team if one footballer from this list Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar, or Luis Suarez becomes the best top scorer at the end of the tournament. Such kind of offer is available to both existing and new players and the amount of refunds are up to £25. Unfortunately, there is still a doubt about Luis Suarez’s participation in this tournament: everybody knows about his knee injury so you’d better be relying on the other footballers to become top scorers. Currently betting websites’ favourites for the top scorer are Leo Messi (8/1), Neymar (12/1) and Cristiano Ronaldo (14/1) and this kind of offer from Ladbrokes looks very attractive.

But we are still studying to find out what other betting websites are planning to offer for the World Cup. If we learn some new information we’ll update tis text immediately.

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