Boxing Mobile Betting: Old Sport In New Format

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Learn more about gambling on this spectacular sports and try boxing mobile betting!

Noble Art

Boxing is considered a sport for real men, both fighters and gamblers, for a good reason The adrenaline dose received from watching the match can be perfectly coupled by a significant betting win, making boxing betting quite popular nowadays not only among gamblers, but among bookies as well.

Not So Easy

Predicting a boxing event result has its own peculiarities. On the one hand, there are only two participants, not two teams of several people each, so it seems to be easier to guess. On the other hand, rivals in boxing are often almost equal, which puts the task of guessing close to impossible. You should thoroughly consider all the possible options, because a single “small thing” you miss can turn a significant financial loss. Although the win can be also quite good – maximal boxing odds can be incredibly high, especially in important matches.

Prediction Tips

To make a reliable prognosis you should be curious and eager to research. The skill of “filtering” the crucial from less relevant will be also extremely useful. It’s the quality and not quantity of information that rules here. And be careful with intuition and personal sympathy – boxing is probably not the best sport to challenge your sixth sense.
Here’s a number of parameters to be taken into account:

  • fighting history of both boxers
  • training cycle and personal motivation of the boxers before this specific match
  • physical and psychological shape of the boxers
  • professional level of the coaching teams
  • beyond-the-sport factors, such as personal rivalry of the boxers, political subtext of the fight, place of the match, etc.

Practice Makes Perfect

You should gradually train to analyze all the information you manage to get in order to master the skill of predicting. At the same time, keep an eye on public opinion, predictions of experienced gamblers, interviews with coaches and betting statistics. Consider everything and decide for yourself on which fighter to bet.

Some Like it Hot

As for “thrill of the race”, the most exciting matches are, of course, those with no clear favourite. Betting on such a fight can be risky, but the potential win makes the risk slightly sweeter. Those who prefer a secure win should pick the fights where the winner is almost evident, although in this case betting will be less profitable since there will be too many bets on the stronger boxer.

If This Is Not Enough

More experienced and “advanced” gamblers also make so-called “two in one” bets. This option implies that the bet is made not only on the winner, but also on the final score with which he’ll win. Obviously, those who manage to guess will enjoy a solid money win. Although if you want to make such a bet, act with extreme care and remember how unpredictable a boxing match can be. It may be wiser not to risk your money and just bet on a secure winner.