TV special betting online: in touch with the stars

TV special betting online is your fun way to win serious money!

Nowadays bookies offer some very special lines of bets concerning celebrities’ life events. TV and the Internet let us be up to date with all the shows, competitions and award celebrations. From there emerged the “star world” betting.

And What´s That?

When you hear “betting on a celebrity”, it implies the win of a famous person in some public domain, normally world-known competitions, such as Eurovision, Miss Universe, Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammy and many others. Mostly these events and competitions are watched by millions of people, but you can also find bookies which accept bets on smaller competitions, such as «Strictly Come Dancing», for example. But all this is not just about show business and the film industry.
For almost a decade now, there are bets on Nobel Prize laureates of the current year. From time to time bookies offer gamblers the chance to guess the outcome of some scandal from celebrities’ lives.

Betting Tips

It is difficult to give prediction tips for such events. In every specific case different trends, both explicit and implicit, will influence the final result. While in sport you can have the objective and unbiased results of the athlete, in the media world it is not always possible. Although it is worth to
take into account the opinion of competent analysts and reliable sources.
Let’s see, for instance, Nobel Prize in literature. Out of five final candidates, the Committee will choose only one. Naturally, it requires a specialist to guess the result. But the voting result (although it is being consistently denied) is influenced by the political involvement of the writer, his citizenship and even biography details. Not to mention that Pussy Riot and Julian Assange are nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize this year.
All this being said, note that having special knowledge about the topic is not always useful here. It is also crucial to monitor the political and social situation, as well as to listen to your intuition. Remember that the results of many competitions often provoke confusion even among the most undeniable specialists in the corresponding field.

Betting Types

It is worth mentioning that bookies don’t have a problem finding those who want to bet “on a celebrity” and neither do gamblers feel a lack of bets on offer, from traditional – on the winner, finalist/semifinalist – to eccentric – which cinema star will become the target for the presenter’s jokes next time. This option was proposed by British bookies for the Golden Globe Award ceremony in 2012. And the odds for Madonna and Tom Cruise were 6.5 and 7, respectively. Perhaps the entertaining aspect of these bets is exactly what brings them such popularity. There are many bookies to pick from; for example, try William Hill TV specials betting and find your lucky star!