Sky Sports For Mobile As It Is

Sky is constantly developing and offering new possibilities for its customers. We tried to make a compact, though comprehensive evaluation of the weak and strong sides of Sky Sports for mobile.

Starting with the good, Sky Sports for mobile is considerably cheap:  you only pay a £6 per month subscription, not needing to be a Sky Sports subscriber, which costs to £26.50 per month for Sky Sports 1 and £35.50 for a full subscription.

Another undeniable advantage is the picture quality, as tested using Wi-Fi connections from different providers, as well as The Cloud at Paddington station. While you are limited to the mobile’s screen size, streaming quality is very good, without gaps and even permitting you to pause and even to rewind up to 30 seconds.

A nice small feature is the included program guide, which lets you browse through the next 12 hours. There’s also no on-demand, unlike Sky Player, which would have been a nice addition. Still, you receive news and sports, including live Football League games, live international and domestic cricket, La Liga, Serie A, live US Open tennis and so much more than that.

In general, users refer to Sky Sports, including its mobile version, as to a reliable source of information about their favourite sports in a practical and easy-to-use form.

As for the negative aspects, the first obvious problem is that you can only use the application when you are within Wi-Fi coverage. This restriction was most certainly put by O2 and has to do with Sky Mobile being significantly cheaper than its “bigger” version.

Finally, people report some problems with coverage, for some reason especially with golf, and also complain about commentators being not always competent enough.

These are still problems for Sky to deal with, but overall Sky Sports for mobile is very good value for money.

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