Betfair mobile site offers new feature, meet Price Rush.

The excellent reputation of Betfair was built on their betting exchange, where you can either book “Peer to peer” (along with other customers), or “Act as a bookie” (laying other customers bets).

Later on, fixed odds were added, which solved problem of liquidity caused by betting in exchange with other customers, as you’d need someone willing to bet against you. Fixed odds, however, didn’t always provide as good odds as the normal betting exchange.

Now using Price Rush feature through Betfair mobile site you can appreciate the advantages of both systems.

This amazing feature automatically switches your bet with fixed odd to one with higher odds if one is available on the exchange. This service can be used for single bets on qualifying markets in many popular sports, such as football, tennis, horse racing, golf and basketball.

If your price has been “rushed”, this will be immediately confirmed by an information message. One more pleasant point is that you do not need to pay any commissions,  even though the odds are now coming from the exchange, since you are still deemed to be betting against Betfair’s fixed odds sportsbook.

This is your lucky chance, do not miss it; it saves you time and increases your profit. Get your “Price Rush” feature through Betfair mobile betting now.