Speedway Betting On Mobile: Speed Squared

Motorcycle racing is one of the most high-speed sports. Mobile is one of the fastest ways of communication. If you really enjoy the speed, you will definitely appreciate speed betting on mobile.

Why Moto Racing? A good share of sport betting fans prefers dynamic, fast events. And speedway is the place where speed lives. Of course, bookies know about this and have already prepared a big variety of betting options for motorcycle racing.

A Bit of History The first official motorcycle race took place in 1899 in Wien, but motorcycle events were not separated from car racing before the beginning of the XX century. The FICM (Fédération Internationale des Clubs Motocyclistes in the original in French, International Federation of Motorcycling Clubs) was founded in 1904 and later renamed to Federation of International Motorcycling, or FIM. Modern motorcycle sport includes several disciplines, such as track racing, road racing, motocross, moto freestyle, motoball and more.

Chief Race Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is appreciated by fans as the most spectacular bike racing event. It is held since 1949 and is considered one of the most prestigious motorcycle sporting events and with good reason. The championship itself is held in three classes – MotoGP, Moto3 and Moto2, which differ primarily in the capacity and technical characteristics of the bike engine.

Useful Tips for Speedway Betting It is not surprising that this race is also very popular among bookies, with many thousands of sport fans making all kinds of bets in betting offices. But what do you need to know to make the most accurate prediction about the outcome of the next race? Here is some advice about what deserves your special attention:

– Full starting list of participants, rivalry history, legitimate and unsubstantiated ambitions of the riders.

– Experience of the racer and his team. There are no “small things” in moto sport, since it is equally important to set the machine in accordance with the weather, pick tyres appropriate for a specific race and warm up properly before the start.

– Psychological state of the participants, as even the most probable winners can get overwhelmed by the race stress, for the notorious human factor. It is also worth to pay some attention to the predictions of the specialists, and in case there is no unanimity, find out what are the most doubtful issues and what arguments support each point of view.

What’s On the Menu? Serious bookies may offer up to twenty or even thirty different bets for speedway betting. The most popular are: – winner of a particular racer; – the racer will take a medal place; – the racer will finish the race (will be classified); – the racer won’t finish the race (will not be classified at the end of the race); – for the racer that will make the fastest circle in the race; – bet for an accident (crash) and many others.