Sky Go: Is Sky On Mobile Any Better Than Sky TV?

Sky Go is a new Sky service for mobile devices. In this small review we’re going to examine the pros and cons of the new service and help you to decide if you need Sky on mobile.

To begin with the advantages, Sky Go obviously gives you the great freedom of literally taking your TV with you, wherever you go. All you need to do is to install Sky Go on your mobile phone or tablet. Another nice detail is that the application is free of charge for current Sky TV subscribers. And if you aren’t a Sky Subscriber, you can still get it as a stand-alone.And with that you can still enjoy a nice  channel choice, including Sky Atlantic, for example.

As for the disadvantages, first we have to admit that, while  the mentioned above is true, the mobile version of the service is still limited compared to the “traditional” one, in term of the variety of the channels. Also, it may not be very feasible to use if you’re connected via 3G, since the application will quickly finish all your data allowance. Although you can always set it to connect through WiFi only. And some sad news for enthusiastics with a bunch of gadgets all around the house – you can only use the app on two devices at a time. The bright side of it  is that is it possible to disconnect one device and connect another from the Sky website.

So to sum up, Sky Go is neither much more nor much less than a free additional application to an existing service. It’s a nice extra, but not something essential or with a lot of added value.  Good enough though, for you not to miss your favourite series when you’re far from home!