Horse racing Betting Tips From the Racing Post Betting Site

Racing post betting site reveals the secrets of successful betting

More than £60 billion horse racing bets are accepted annually. Hippodrome races are believed to be an aristocratic and upper-crust activity, while in fact any gambler can bet on the result of a horse race. Racing Post betting site explains why it is so popular and gives some tips to begin with.

 Why horse racing?

Horse racing is an equestrian event where the horsemen’s goal is to come to the finish one of the first. To begin betting, a gambler picks a bookmaker with a decent reputation, gets acquainted with the variety of events and the odds available. The next step is to get acquainted with the list of participants and collect the necessary data about the race horses. This can be labour- and time-consuming, but an accurate forecast which leads to a significant win, is definitely worth it.

 Forecasting horse racing results

 So, to make a highly probable forecast of the race results, one should follow certain forecasting rules, paying special attention to the following factors:

– Good racing condition of the horse. To find it out, learn about the professional experience of the jockey and the whole training team.

– Recent results of the racehorse, their positive or negative dynamics. If the horse hasn’t participated in races several months, chances are that the first results will be unsatisfactory.

– Acquisition of new programs and its influence over the horse’s results.

– Distance of the race. Race horses, just as human athletes, show the best results on their optimal, “signature” distances.

The difficulty of racing results forecasting comes from the fact that alongside with the human factor, the contest outcome largely depends on the horse – a capricious, unpredictable, rogue and often explosive animal. Sometimes even loading the horse into the starting stall can be a difficult task. Also horse are sometimes disqualified because of jockeys’ mistakes, often cause by hard time pressure in decision-making.

One can spend a lot of time investigating the future race, pick the best jockey and the supposed jolly and… lose a significant amount of money. But this is exactly what attracts people to the world of horse racing – the audience rests in breathless expectation of the result, which remains unclear until the very end of the race.

 Most common horse racing betting types:

– Win bet is a wager on a horse that the gambler believes to finish first.

– Place bet is a wager on a horse that the gambler believes to finish first or second.

– Show bet is a wager on the horse that the gambler believes to finish third or better.

– Double bet is a wager on the expected winners of two races.

There also exist a significant number of other betting types, including rather exotic ones, for example, betting on disqualification of a particular horse.