Paddy Power mobile vs. 888 sport mobile

Now the competition in the betting market has caught some fire and more and more companies are jumping into this market with their newer and better betting applications.

Betting market is growing at a great pace now and with each day many new players join this circuit. Sports’ betting is not new to anyone however this format where a better has a comfort to bet from any part of the world that too from any internet device may be his laptop, tablet or Smartphone. Since the launch of mobile betting apps the battle has even fiercer up as it has offer a tremendous boost to the betting industry. Betting through a mobile devices offers complete security as well as privacy to a user and he is not restricted to a particular place and bet even while working, traveling, waiting without anyone getting to know about it.

Paddy Power is a popular name in mobile games as well as casino apps. Its free downloadable games are a huge hit among game lovers. They keep on revising their promotions as well as have a dedicated 24/7 customer support available for its players. Paddy power has emerged as a world’s leading sport betting sites in recent times and they have launched their brand new mobile betting app. This betting app is completely unique and different from other betting apps available over various websites because one can complete configure and tailor this app as your mobile betting experience. A very common aspect in sports betting is that you have to check the sporting press to see if your favorite team is playing today or if you are horse racing fan you have to check if your horse is running today. But, with this app you can avail a feature where you can get a message delivered in your message box whenever your favorite team plays or your favorite horse runs so that you may be able to bet as per your likes.

This amazing feature never lets you miss out any betting opportunity when you would be interested. It is a great feature as well as the app is easy to setup with great features which you would love to explore once you download and install it.

888Sportmobile has also offered a new zing to sports betting recently. This betting app is a result of many brains which have offered it a great thought prior to its launch and design. Right from its unique black and orange lively colors the betting app is user friendly and offers betting on horse racing, football, rugby, cricket, reality TV shows and many other markets such as Oscars, politics etc.  888Sportsmobile betting app has great features such as:

  •  Its clean and user friendly layout
  • Bet in play
  • Betting options for various markets and special events
  • Live Scores and results service
  • Special offers and great promotions
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options
  • Good betting odds

One needs to download and try these great apps to see they are a great fun to bet to and enjoy your game.