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What’s So Special About Handball Mobile Betting?

Overall betting numbers volumes in handball are pretty humble in comparison with those of more popular team events like football, hockey or basketball. But experienced gamblers know that handball matches can be the most profitable. The reason is in how the sport works and the peculiarities of booking policies. There are very few bookies working with this sport, even fewer on-line. If a gambler has a well-elaborated strategy and the ability to adapt it to the how bookies work, there is a big chance to get a significant financial benefit.

Difficult to Predict

Handball is a relatively new field in the world of sports gambling. Bookies are not very experienced in dealing with this sport, especially if we speak about on-line betting. The most recurrent story is the following: a team starts the game, as we’d say, so-so. The odds for its victory start to grow. But during the match the situation can change dramatically, and likewise the low performance of a team at the beginning of the game doesn’t necessarily mean its eventual loss. The witty gambler knows to take advantage of this, using handball Live betting regime to bet on total score. To make a good analysis of handball clubs in a future match it is important to have detailed statistics of the previous games; for example, the allocation of scored/missed goals by time periods of the match. It often happens that after playing badly in attack during the first period a team recuperates impressively in the next period, or vice versa. And having counted the average number of goals for a specific team, you can make your forecast of the final game result much more accurate.

Don’t Forget

The clever approach to making handball predictions also inevitably includes the analysis of current news concerning the state of the team, the overall psychological environment in the team and their excitement about the future event . All these factors may affect the final result.

Types of bets for handball matches are the following:

- Bet on the match (bet on which team wins the game, sometimes with an extra outcome – draw)

- Bet on the first half-time (the leading team after the interval is predicted) – more or fewer goals in a game (the goal is to guess if there will be more or less goals scored during the game than the bookie proposed)

- Bet with handicap (the outsider of the game receives a handicap in form of a certain number of goals, so that chances are equal. As a result, odds for the strong team grow and those for the weaker team fall) Sometimes among the bets offered for handball there are those which don’t require almost any analytic skills. For example, to guess if the total number of goals will be odd or even, or in which half of the game the players will score more goals.

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