Greyhound betting: risky and exciting

Throughout centuries, this unique sport has become an exciting betting opportunity. Learn more about greyhound gambling in our brief review.

 A bit of history

First coursing races trace back to the first century A.D., although modern history of dog racing begins in 1920 when a lure (mechanic “hare” or “rabbit”) was first used in racing practice. These competitions are always very exciting both for common viewers and gamblers, making greyhound betting extremely popular.

Traditionally, dog races were held almost exclusively between English greyhounds (the second fastest animal in the world after cheetah), giving the general name to this specific event (“greyhound racing” rather than “dog racing”, which may include many more racing events). Although in the 1950-s other sighthound breeds (Afghan hound, Irish wolfhound, saluki, whippet) started to participate in races as well. Nowadays cynodromes (stadiums for dog racing) are widely spread all around Europe. This competitive industry has also gained high popularity in Australia and North America where its rating often beats those of baseball or/and basketball. Greyhound racing is a swift-flowing competition. In contrast to football, for example, you don’t need to wait for the result for an hour and a half. Instead, new developments take place every 5-10 minutes.

 Greyhound betting tips

 Before placing a bet on a greyhound racing result, find a bookie which specializes on this event, i.e. has acceptable odds as well as a wide range of bet types and events available for betting.

To pick a dog to bet on, follow this sensible greyhound betting strategy:

– analyze the previous races of a particular dog

– identify its results dynamics

– evaluate the dogs competition shape.

Forecasts should be based on the coach’s (owner’s) strategy: some of them give their dog a rest after four to six races; others put the dog to almost all races, which obviously, influences the results in a negative way.

Often gamblers trust their hunches, besides the fact it is definitely not the most reliable betting instrument, especially if you’re not a certified dog specialist, or even have nothing to do with the world of dog racing at all. To make a more accurate forecast it is recommended that you first pick a hound that you like before the race without betting, and see the result. If your intuition was right, you may trust it, but anyway start betting with smaller amounts.

Most Common Greyhound Racing Betting Types:

– “Win only” is a wager on a hound that the gambler believes to win the race.

– “Place only” is a wager on a hound that the gambler believes to finish first or second.

– “Show” is a wager on the hound that the gambler believes to finish third or better.

– “Forecast” is a wager on two hounds to come the first and the second, without specifying which one comes first and which second.

– “Trio”, or “Triffecta” is pretty similar to “Forecast”, but you pick 3 hounds.

 – “SuperTriffecta” – similar to the two above, but you bet on four hounds.

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