Golf Mobile Betting: Technological Solution for True Aristocrats

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Golf has long been considered the leisure of the upper crust of society. But recently this game has become popular among all social layers on all continents. And sport gamblers also couldn’t miss golf competitions!

Main Events

Bookies normally take into account a certain hierarchy that exists in golf events. First of all, there are four major golf championships:

–  The Masters Tournament (the first week of April);
–  US Open (middle June);
The British Open (July);
U.S. PGA Championship   (middle August).

It is worth naming separately the Ryder Cup which is a team championship and regular tournaments held by the Professional Golf Association.

 Not all the same

Coefficients in different bookies can vary significantly, thus it makes sense to visit several sites and find the option that works best for you. For example, check William Hill golf mobile  betting options.

 Golf Mobile Betting Tips

Before making a bet, pay attention to the prognosis peculiarities on this sport:

- International golf competitions are held in different continents. Some golfers don’t adapt very well to different climate; they might also suffer jet lag, which inevitably affects their results, especially if the competition starts on the first or second day after the flight. In this respect individual features of the competitor should be considered.

- Pay attention to the technique of players, to their ability to play in different weather conditions. A wet field is better for long strokes and thus would be an advantage for those who like to use this method, while a dry field is more appropriate for short strokes. So, while trying to make a prediction, take the weather factor into account.

- If you don’t know all the players well, match-up bets are what you need. You can, for instance, pick a player that you more or less know and bet on him in a personal rivalry with another participant.

- If you don’t have enough time for such a precise analysis, you can always count on the official rating of the players. It is a rather reliable source of information about the skillfulness of each golfer.

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 Golf Bet Types

Bookies offer a great variety of golf bets. A number of them require serious analysis, and to win a significant amount of money you should, as they say, “keep your hand on the pulse”. Here are some of the most common types of golf bets:

- Bets on the winner of the tournament. It is always important to remember that it is very difficult to guess the prospective winner from the entire list of participants and at least several dozens of favorites. But the risk is compensated by the solid amount of money that you can win.

- Match up bets are made on the probability of victory of one player over another. It’s not the participants who meet in personal duel, but their coefficients that are compared.

- A bet on “another player”.  This option implies a bet on the win of a participant who’s not even represented in the table of coefficients.

- Other types: for the leader of the first tour, for the TOP 5 or 10, etc.

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