Betfair Mobile Sport

Betfair mobile sport is a very popular player in the sphere of on-line sports betting. Their headquarters are located in Britain and they have been worked for a very long time. The bookmaker offers a great variety of games on which users can place their bets.  Another pleasant thing about Betfair Betting Mobile is that they are always ready to offer the most attractive odds, because they are a very big company serving more than 3,000,000 clients around the globe.

Betfair mobile sport information

Visiting the Betfair mobile site you can get a nice chance to bet on many thousands of markets. All you have to do is just to place your bets on the move. To make all the things even easier for you just download the software. The only thing you need to do is to enter the phone number and you will receive immediately a short message with the link that you have to use and download the app.  Currently the Betfair mobile sport app is available for the following mobile devices: Android-based phones and tablets, Apple and Blackberry devices. So, the software can be downloaded to almost every mobile device available on today’s market.  Betfair Mobile sport put much effort into creating mobile versions and they launched the first iPhone version in 2010. That version has been upgraded and is now available on the sports betting market.

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Betfair Betting Mobile Bonus

Betfair mobile site is offering a new bonus for all new bettors. Basically there are two different kinds of bonuses available.  The first kind provide a free £25 bet. This means that when you make a deposit and place the first bet you will have the chance to place a £25 free bet afterwards.

There is a second kind of bonus which helps bettors claim up to £1,000 cash back during the first 30 days as a Betfair Mobile Sport member.

Betfair Mobile Sport Features

Here is a list of the most pleasant features available in the Betfair mobile software:

  • Multi language support – After installing the Betfair mobile sport app you will have a chance to select one of the five languages.
  • Safe and secure transactions and playing – The Betfair mobile app is functioning via a NSA developed technology of secure encoding. This means that all financial transactions and bets you place run via the 1024-bit security connection.

A lot of bets and markets – Betfair mobile provides access to all kinds of bets. There are thousands of different markets available at Betfair mobile.