Betfair mobile app review

Go to our website and get best online casino for australian players. Hurry up to go and start winning! What is quite possibly the largest online betting exchange, with 4 million customers, has set its sights on the ever-growing mobile market. Easy to install on any mobile device, the Betfair mobile app for iOS devices can be downloaded from the App Store.

For Android users, Betfair has developed three separate apps: Betfair for Android, Bet-Droid and BetonDroid.

Betfair on Android is a free application that lets you manage your Betfair account, check the latest odds, and place stakes on Betfair Exchange. Bet-Droid is a fast and well thought out trading app that gives users the ability to bet on their favourite markets, chose pre-defined stakes and even see what if results before confirming their bets.

Punters looking for a simple and quick way to place bets can also download BetonDroid, which features access to all betting markets, as well as the ability to place place, hedge or cancel bets with one click.

Betfair mobile app key features

An extensive app with an intuitive and slick interface, betfair mobile betting applications bring the same fun and excitement of betting on your PC straight to your smartphone and tablet.

Some of the key features youll have at your fingertips when you download the app include:

  • In-Play Betting on all Markets
  • Live Score Updates & Game Alerts
  • Full Account Management
  • A Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
  • The Ability to place Back or Lay Bets
  • Exclusive Betfair Mobile Promotions and Special Offers

When you download mobile Betfair, youll also be able to access Betfairs other mobile sites, including Betfair Casino and Befair Arcade.